Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's a Sign...Our NEW Sign!

I am happy to say Fall is finally arriving in Northern California, and it's just in time for this weekend and the debut of our Mollykid Studios booth for Art in the Park.  The trees have been gently blowing, their colors are getting rich and the temperature is down to a pretty perfect 74 degrees.  Since Fall is my all time favorite season, I think it's safe to say Mollykid is smiling big these days!  Oh, and the fact that I got two interviews for new jobs this week makes me pretty excited as well.

I wanted to share my new sign for our sale this weekend.  If you have ever wanted to make a sign for your own event/business/etc, this one is a pretty simple and fun project you can accomplish in no time at all.  Before I tell you it is.  What do you think??
I ran across this frame at one of the many local consignment shops here in Redding, and I thought it was a steal for only $5.  It had a lovely painting from 1983 with a fancy eagle catching a snake.  it reminded me of feathered hair, muscle shirts and mullets so it had to go.  The canvas popped out easily and then it was my turn to create something fun for that awesome barn wood type frame.  

After I completed my most recent painting for the sale, I took a picture of it, and edited it in Picassa to give me a cheery and colorful palette background.  As I love with Picassa, it was then easy for me to add my business name and website and choose a font, too.  Thank goodness for tiny little SD cards; they make toting your files down to Kinko's pretty stinkin' easy.  I told the friendly guy what I wanted {a simple printed 18x24 poster} and he had it printed in about 4 minutes.

Next, I headed over to Michaels to swoop up an 18x24 canvas to mount my poster to and pop back into the frame.  I did tape off my canvas and paint the outside edge, along with the outside 1.5" of the front to create an eye catching border around the poster.  After cropping the poster slightly and using spray adhesive on the poster and canvas, she was ready to be attached to the frame.  

I have to say, this was an easy project anyone can do!  Now go start scouring your local consignment and thrift stores, along with garage sales, for your own fantastic {and cheap!} frames.  I love finding good sized frames that can easily accommodate my own finished canvases. Xo~Mollykid