Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Banner Project Preview!

Hello Friends,
I am happy to say I finally got some crafting time today!  This has been a busy few weeks helping to prepare for a big party for my wonderful hubby who is retiring from the Air Force.  I am so proud of him...sure hope he knows that!  Anyway, I am tasked (or shall I say I happily volunteered) for several decorations to include a picture arrangement, some banners and table decorations.  For months I have been gathering ideas and I just wanted to share the start of one of my banners.  I can't wait to finish it tomorrow so I can share a "finished" picture!

Here is how it looks so far...what do you think??
When I mentioned to my sister this evening on the phone that it was made of brown paper bags, I heard a long, silent pause.  Almost thought she hung up!  I think she will be surprised, I think it's coming along pretty cute.  Tomorrow I will add some grommets and ribbon and maybe some stars and it will be complete.  

Have you ever made a banner for a holiday or event?  What kinds of materials did you use?  

Until tomorrow...xo~Mollykid