Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Banner Project Preview!

Hello Friends,
I am happy to say I finally got some crafting time today!  This has been a busy few weeks helping to prepare for a big party for my wonderful hubby who is retiring from the Air Force.  I am so proud of him...sure hope he knows that!  Anyway, I am tasked (or shall I say I happily volunteered) for several decorations to include a picture arrangement, some banners and table decorations.  For months I have been gathering ideas and I just wanted to share the start of one of my banners.  I can't wait to finish it tomorrow so I can share a "finished" picture!

Here is how it looks so far...what do you think??
When I mentioned to my sister this evening on the phone that it was made of brown paper bags, I heard a long, silent pause.  Almost thought she hung up!  I think she will be surprised, I think it's coming along pretty cute.  Tomorrow I will add some grommets and ribbon and maybe some stars and it will be complete.  

Have you ever made a banner for a holiday or event?  What kinds of materials did you use?  

Until tomorrow...xo~Mollykid

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Where For Art Thou Weekend?!

It's been a long few weekends helping my parents with some major makeover projects in their yard and I am pooped!  I feel like I have earned some much needed sewing, crafting and blogging time.  I hope I get some free time tomorrow to finish a blog post project with photos and at least plug in my sewing machine to whip up something fun!  

What did you do this weekend??  Though we were up to our necks in yard work, I still got to be a little creative this past week with making some awesome mosaic style stepping stones and finishing a towel rack for by the pool.  I will soon share the details and the finished products!  I can't believe it's almost Monday and the weekend is gone...where for art thou weekend?  

Have a wonderful week and go forward with your creative ideas!  What are you up to this week?...xo~Mollykid