Friday, July 26, 2013

Home is Where the Love is

As many of you may know we are a family in transition.  I guess that is an understatement considering the life changes we are making right now.  Hubby is retiring from the Air Force and that means not only new careers for both of us, but what about where we will live?!  We recently returned to the U.S. from Germany and while we have a temporary place to stay {thanks so much to Mom and Dad!!!}, I really can't wait to be home.  Home to a place where we will live and make our new lives with work and school for the kids.  A place where we can make new memories and think back on old ones.  While we are home in a place where we feel love, it will be nice to settle down in the comforts of our own home, too. 

For over 18 years I have been a part of the military lifestyle.  The hurry up and move mentality where you wait for a piece of paper to tell you where you are going, when you need to be there and what you will be doing when you get there.  On top of this, you have the benefit of the Internet to familiarize yourself with the area and all it has to offer.  As "directive" as the whole process is, it's kind of nice to know where you are headed next, so you can anticipate and plan what's ahead.  In our current situation, we are kind of like leaves blowing in the wind.  And guess what?!  We have choices!!!  Something Hubby and I don't know a whole lot about since we have pretty much been told where to go and what to do for a really long time.

Now days, we are searching for our forever home.  Well, sort of.  Let me begin by explaining what a forever home really is.  Most military families we know refer to home as where you live currently or where you return to see Mom and Dad when you take leave, while their forever home is where they live their post-military life {when there is no threat of orders to move once again}.  To me, a forever home means a place where we have jobs and a lifestyle that don't have to be ready to pick up and move at a moments notice.  This includes being able to actually make roots in a community, in a home, in a life that will last more than just a couple years.  I imagine my kids starting a school now and being able to progress to high school with the same friends as they have at this age.  That sounds great, considering the transitions they have already had to make in life.  I will say though, they are more resilient because of those transitions!

Now comes the tricky part...planning life around where the jobs are.  We have our "new life" narrowed down to two cities, just over 2 hours apart.  Both cities are home to us in on way or another.  It will come down to jobs as to where we will live and I feel comfortable that the answer will come soon enough as to where we will end up.  Things are coming together, though; we got our small shipment of goods and one car is ready to be picked up at the port!

I once read a list of things that cause stress and it included things like job/career changes and moving as some top reasons for stress.  As I sit here going through those things as I type, I remind myself that although this can be a stressful time, we are making the best of it!!  We are enjoying close family time with loved ones, we are reconnecting with a community we have been absent from for years living overseas, we are actively searching out careers we are excited to pursue and we are anxiously awaiting what life has planned for us next.
All in all, I can happily report that life is good.  I have a few friends facing the days we are walking in now and all I can say is embrace what you have coming to you.  Come with an open mind and heart and stay flexible.  When you face life changes, you can plan for the best and life can have other plans.  Face one day at a time and make sure you smile along the way.  Let your smile tell others you can't wait to be home.  Wherever that may turn out to be!  For us, home is wherever we are loving, laughing and for now, we are home.
Is your life a series of transitions?  Where do you call home?  I would love to hear from you :)
Happy Friday!  Xo~Mollykid