Monday, July 1, 2013

A Few of My Favorites

Lately it seems like there isn't so much downtime to browse the Internet and check out my favorite blogs with all their awesome ideas, but I still have my favorites nonetheless!  I have this diverse set of interests to include sewing, painting, vintage treasure hunting and furniture revamping, so I am so happy to see that there are SO many bloggers out there that cater to these specialties.  Whatever your interests, there is someone out there to help you generate ideas for your own projects.  The cool part is that many of them have tutorials and how-to's published to help YOU become your own creative self...even if you have never tried the technique before.

I know, I know.  Many of you may have this little voice inside saying you aren't crafty or it won't turn out as good as some of the bloggers you follow, but guess what?!  Here is my voice saying "YES!"; you can be crafty and your projects will turn out!  With a little practice, patience and of course a lot of love that comes from creating something with your own hands, you will be successful {smile}.

Ok, so are you ready?  Here are a few of my favorite go-to sites for inspiration, guidance and helpful hints on doing what I love.  Tell them we sent you over for some smiles and motivation to step into your own fantastic project adventures...
"Good Time Charlie" or GTC at Redoux Interiors is a great example of a junk collector and renovator that defies the odds of furniture that has otherwise been destined for the trash-ola!  I admire her eagerness to stop roadside to rescue a sad, abandoned piece of furniture and then work her magic to bring that piece smiling back to life.  Check out her site and you will see she is somewhat of a furniture whisperer.  Her tutorials and finished projects will make you want to start rescuing roadside rehabs and creating your own fabulous furniture!
I ran across Holly Becker at Decor8 over 2 years ago when I was searching for fabric markets in Europe on Google.  She had written a blog post about the colorful markets in the Netherlands and a million clicks or so later, I was hooked on her blog.  Her site is a bright spot in your day, as the color is brilliant (in more ways than one) and her style and layouts really draw you in.  I also kind of love that she is an American living in Germany (as I was until a couple weeks ago) and she highlights so many designers from Europe that have clean, fresh and simple looks.  One of her talents is also teaching classes on blogging.  When time permits, I would love, love, love to learn some of her tips.
Sew Mama Sew
So you love to sew?!  I would call Sew Mama Sew a fantastic place to go for beginners up to experienced sewists.  Can you believe they have over 400 tutorials?!  I love that they have contributors from all over that submit their creative ideas for others to explore and do on their own.  It's a great place to find project ideas, connect with others, get tips and participate in giveaways and sew-alongs.  I am even thinking of submitting a couple tutorials, as soon as I have some time to sit down and get them organized.  Channel your inner designer today and sew till your hearts content!

Now that you have them, might I suggest you take a little "me" time from your busy day and sit down to relax while you peruse their sites?  Go ahead, get your favorite drink, and head on over.  You can call it an appointment...a creative therapy appointment!  Let us know what you think and have a Happy Monday...~Mollykid          

*Photos courtesy of Google and each blog site :)