Friday, July 26, 2013

Home is Where the Love is

As many of you may know we are a family in transition.  I guess that is an understatement considering the life changes we are making right now.  Hubby is retiring from the Air Force and that means not only new careers for both of us, but what about where we will live?!  We recently returned to the U.S. from Germany and while we have a temporary place to stay {thanks so much to Mom and Dad!!!}, I really can't wait to be home.  Home to a place where we will live and make our new lives with work and school for the kids.  A place where we can make new memories and think back on old ones.  While we are home in a place where we feel love, it will be nice to settle down in the comforts of our own home, too. 

For over 18 years I have been a part of the military lifestyle.  The hurry up and move mentality where you wait for a piece of paper to tell you where you are going, when you need to be there and what you will be doing when you get there.  On top of this, you have the benefit of the Internet to familiarize yourself with the area and all it has to offer.  As "directive" as the whole process is, it's kind of nice to know where you are headed next, so you can anticipate and plan what's ahead.  In our current situation, we are kind of like leaves blowing in the wind.  And guess what?!  We have choices!!!  Something Hubby and I don't know a whole lot about since we have pretty much been told where to go and what to do for a really long time.

Now days, we are searching for our forever home.  Well, sort of.  Let me begin by explaining what a forever home really is.  Most military families we know refer to home as where you live currently or where you return to see Mom and Dad when you take leave, while their forever home is where they live their post-military life {when there is no threat of orders to move once again}.  To me, a forever home means a place where we have jobs and a lifestyle that don't have to be ready to pick up and move at a moments notice.  This includes being able to actually make roots in a community, in a home, in a life that will last more than just a couple years.  I imagine my kids starting a school now and being able to progress to high school with the same friends as they have at this age.  That sounds great, considering the transitions they have already had to make in life.  I will say though, they are more resilient because of those transitions!

Now comes the tricky part...planning life around where the jobs are.  We have our "new life" narrowed down to two cities, just over 2 hours apart.  Both cities are home to us in on way or another.  It will come down to jobs as to where we will live and I feel comfortable that the answer will come soon enough as to where we will end up.  Things are coming together, though; we got our small shipment of goods and one car is ready to be picked up at the port!

I once read a list of things that cause stress and it included things like job/career changes and moving as some top reasons for stress.  As I sit here going through those things as I type, I remind myself that although this can be a stressful time, we are making the best of it!!  We are enjoying close family time with loved ones, we are reconnecting with a community we have been absent from for years living overseas, we are actively searching out careers we are excited to pursue and we are anxiously awaiting what life has planned for us next.
All in all, I can happily report that life is good.  I have a few friends facing the days we are walking in now and all I can say is embrace what you have coming to you.  Come with an open mind and heart and stay flexible.  When you face life changes, you can plan for the best and life can have other plans.  Face one day at a time and make sure you smile along the way.  Let your smile tell others you can't wait to be home.  Wherever that may turn out to be!  For us, home is wherever we are loving, laughing and for now, we are home.
Is your life a series of transitions?  Where do you call home?  I would love to hear from you :)
Happy Friday!  Xo~Mollykid

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's GIVEAWAY Time from Mollykid Studios!!

The sun is shining and it’s finally time for a GIVEAWAY from Mollykid Studios!!  I created this up-cycled apron just for one of you {my cherished readers!} to wear while you create in the kitchen, in the craft room or even in the garden.  All you have to do to enter a chance to win is leave us a comment on this blog post here at Mollykid Studios or visit us at Mollykid Studios on Facebook and leave a message there under this GIVEAWAY post. 
Let us know when you would wear this apron, what kind of up-cycled projects you like or even just stop in to say hello!  If you have a friend who would like this apron, share this post with them so they can enter for a chance to win, too.  If they win, it’s like you are gifting it to them {how nice is that?!}.  It’s that easy.  I hope you will also check out our pages and sign up for email updates from the blog and “Like” us on Facebook for updates!      

This blog has been a fun way for me to share ideas and projects, and I would love to see it continue to grow!  Thanks for stopping by and GOOD LUCK!  I will be selecting a winner on Friday, August 16th at 10pm Pacific Time.  As long as you comment before then, you will be entered for a chance to win.  Oh, and I can mail this apron so don't worry if you aren't in the United States, you still have a chance to win! 

Enjoy your day, wherever you are in the world…  Xo~Mollykid         

Friday, July 19, 2013

Itching to do a Giveaway from Mollykid Studios!!

Although we are still in transition, I am happy to say that I finally got to break out my Mom's sewing machine (which is the identical machine to my own) to use while mine is still traveling the world. Needless to say, I am excited to get busy with some sewing projects {smile}.  To begin, I am thinking of something great to put together for a GIVEAWAY!!!! Yes, I said GIVEAWAY!! 

Stay tuned for the details to be announced tomorrow! Don't forget to SHARE Mollykid Studios with your friends so they have a chance to win, too!  Sign up here on the Blog for email updates and Like us on Facebook at Mollykid Studios so you don't miss out.

Until tomorrow...xo~Mollykid         

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Don't Wait Another Minute...It's Your Happiness

For everyone out there who says they don't have time, they put "it" off until another day, or those who are deciding on the "right" time:
If you have a dream, you should follow it.  Don't let perfection or procrastination get in the way of your happiness.  This includes your ideas to start something new or make a change in your life.  If you don't make today the day to pursue what makes you happy, you may never get a chance.  Do what you can today to make your heart smile today, tomorrow and always.  Live today and have no regrets about "what if..." xo~Mollykid


Friday, July 12, 2013

It's a Project Kind of Friday

Happy Friday Friends,
It's official!  I was was completely overwhelmed on my first trip to JoAnn Fabrics last night since we have returned to the U.S.  Not only is it a brand new mega store in my parents hometown, but the amount of "stuff" to look at was crazy.  I have determined I am going to make some quilts for my kiddos for their new rooms and the fabric choices were just amazing.  Clearly I am going to need each of their inputs before I make any decisions.  

Today I have some awesome jobs to apply for then it's on to a lamp project I have planned!  It will be my first stateside project so I am super excited.  Can't wait to share the details with you :)

What plans do you have for this weekend?  Any projects you have in the works?  We would love to hear all about them, so do share!  Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are... Xo~Mollykid

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Playing with Photo Editing on Picassa

A few weeks ago I was playing around with a fun {and FREE} photo editing software called Picassa...have you heard of it?  I have been using it for quite a while now as an easy, squeezy option for me to edit some of my photos.  I love that its quick and simple and can do all kinds of things to totally change the look of a simple picture.  

On my most recent {and final for awhile} trip to Paris with my mom, I took a simple picture that I was sneaking since I didn't want to look all "touristy" as I entered a store.  Did I mention the store was in the awesome fabric district of Paris?!  Well, I will write about that in another post!  

Anyway, when I went through my pictures when I returned home, I thought my sneaky little picture might look cute with a little Picassa magic.  After only a couple minutes, I had this fun, colorful product that I wanted to share.  I have to say, this reminds me of one awesome trip to an awesome area of Paris!  Especially if you like fabric as much as I do...

So what do you think??  I just so happen to l-o-v-e the dress form in this picture and how it stands out with this coloring.  Ahhhw, that reminds me of my very own dress form I found in Metz, France at the monthly antique and flea market there {what fun!!!}.  As it makes its way across the Atlantic to us here in California with our household goods, I am already dreaming of how I will use it!

What photo editing software do you use/prefer?  Have you tried Picassa?  Let us know...I always like to hear what readers recommend.  Happy editing!  Xo~Mollykid


Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Day to Celebrate! Freedom & Family

Waking up in America is extra special this 4th of July.  There is this excitement of fun and family in the air and we are prepping for a house full of people we love.  I am so grateful to live in this country we call home.  Our nation was founded on strong, brave people who aimed for freedom.  Thank you to all of the past, present and future military service men and women who sacrifice so much of their lives to ensure our freedoms.  May them and their families be blessed today and everyday.  So happy to be be home to the land that I love.  
May your festivities be safe and your celebrations be full of love today.  Now I am off to finish my homemade potato salad and enjoy time with my beloved family.  

What are your plans this Independence Day??  Xo~Mollykid

Monday, July 1, 2013

A Few of My Favorites

Lately it seems like there isn't so much downtime to browse the Internet and check out my favorite blogs with all their awesome ideas, but I still have my favorites nonetheless!  I have this diverse set of interests to include sewing, painting, vintage treasure hunting and furniture revamping, so I am so happy to see that there are SO many bloggers out there that cater to these specialties.  Whatever your interests, there is someone out there to help you generate ideas for your own projects.  The cool part is that many of them have tutorials and how-to's published to help YOU become your own creative self...even if you have never tried the technique before.

I know, I know.  Many of you may have this little voice inside saying you aren't crafty or it won't turn out as good as some of the bloggers you follow, but guess what?!  Here is my voice saying "YES!"; you can be crafty and your projects will turn out!  With a little practice, patience and of course a lot of love that comes from creating something with your own hands, you will be successful {smile}.

Ok, so are you ready?  Here are a few of my favorite go-to sites for inspiration, guidance and helpful hints on doing what I love.  Tell them we sent you over for some smiles and motivation to step into your own fantastic project adventures...
"Good Time Charlie" or GTC at Redoux Interiors is a great example of a junk collector and renovator that defies the odds of furniture that has otherwise been destined for the trash-ola!  I admire her eagerness to stop roadside to rescue a sad, abandoned piece of furniture and then work her magic to bring that piece smiling back to life.  Check out her site and you will see she is somewhat of a furniture whisperer.  Her tutorials and finished projects will make you want to start rescuing roadside rehabs and creating your own fabulous furniture!
I ran across Holly Becker at Decor8 over 2 years ago when I was searching for fabric markets in Europe on Google.  She had written a blog post about the colorful markets in the Netherlands and a million clicks or so later, I was hooked on her blog.  Her site is a bright spot in your day, as the color is brilliant (in more ways than one) and her style and layouts really draw you in.  I also kind of love that she is an American living in Germany (as I was until a couple weeks ago) and she highlights so many designers from Europe that have clean, fresh and simple looks.  One of her talents is also teaching classes on blogging.  When time permits, I would love, love, love to learn some of her tips.
Sew Mama Sew
So you love to sew?!  I would call Sew Mama Sew a fantastic place to go for beginners up to experienced sewists.  Can you believe they have over 400 tutorials?!  I love that they have contributors from all over that submit their creative ideas for others to explore and do on their own.  It's a great place to find project ideas, connect with others, get tips and participate in giveaways and sew-alongs.  I am even thinking of submitting a couple tutorials, as soon as I have some time to sit down and get them organized.  Channel your inner designer today and sew till your hearts content!

Now that you have them, might I suggest you take a little "me" time from your busy day and sit down to relax while you peruse their sites?  Go ahead, get your favorite drink, and head on over.  You can call it an appointment...a creative therapy appointment!  Let us know what you think and have a Happy Monday...~Mollykid          

*Photos courtesy of Google and each blog site :)