Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Big Roadtrip: Northern Italy Part II

After a long day of walking on hard pavement and taking in the tourist sights of Pisa and Lucca, Italy, we decided the northwestern Italian coast line was a must see.  I am so glad we made our way to Viareggio for a look out to the Ligurian Sea in the late afternoon, when the sun was hovering out above us and reflecting so beautifully on the water.  The kids (in classic fashion) rolled up their pant legs and ditched their shoes immediately, and I did, too!  There is nothing like the feel of warm sand under your feet and moving through your toes.  I suppose I have loved that feeling since I was a kid...
One of our funny family travel traditions is to make sure that we witness the seas and oceans nearby to cities we visit.  I will say that this day, with its blue sky and white, billowing clouds reminded me of one of our first trips here in Europe to Finland, where we looked out over the Baltic Sea.  
There is always something I find amazing about the view from the waters edge.  How the tides change and the sand moves and reshapes the coastline with every breath.  To know that there is a whole other living world lying under that water is simply amazing.  One thing I know is skylines like these are the stuff that peaceful dreams are made of.  What kind of landscapes make up your most serene dreams??  xo~Mollykid