Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mollykid Recommends: Shopping in Nove, Italy

I know, I know... I keep sharing details about our fantastic trip to Italy, but for good reason!  You all should know about the awesome places we were so lucky to visit, should you get the opportunity to visit there yourselves.  I happen to think first hand recommendations are great for planning on our own trips, so I like to pass on good info, too.  A good friend of mine tried to convince me that we should visit Nove, Italy together while on vacation.  Who knew what a great time we would have shopping amongst so much beautiful pottery and glassware.  When I first told my husband I didn't really have to visit the many ceramic shops that Nove is so well-known for, he gave me the know, the one that screams "are you kidding me?"  He had been before on a tour years ago and thought it was right up my alley.  If I forget to thank you here later, thanks Babe for making sure we made it to Nove!!

Since we stayed in nearby Vicenza the night before, it was less than an hour drive to Nove.  We pulled into town (a small, cute town I might add!) on a very rainy day and I couldn't help but notice all of the ceramics shops up and down the main road running through town.  It was like my trip to Poland a few months ago, where it is obvious what supports the local economy.  As we waited at the stoplight, this statue seemed to represent all the artists of the town.  The next stop was our rendezvous point to meet up with friends for some shopping.
La Ceramica VBC stands out among the shops because of all the flags out front, including the American one.  Since we had the kids, I gave the speech again as we walked inside, you know the one about not touching anything because if we break it, we buy it.  I mean if I am paying money for something, I want it to not be broken, after all.  The entrance takes you through the actual warehouse area where products are visible in all stages of completion and pallets of boxes are ready for shipment.  From the first sights, I could tell I was happy I came! 
At first glance, the color was spectacular.  Bright and completely what I think of when I think of Italy: mosaics, sunflowers, olives and views of areas like Venice, Tuscany and Cinque Terra.  It was as I walked further back though that I really fell in love though.  La Ceramica VBC produces Italian dinnerware and accents for a company called Vietri, which has really beautiful pieces that are so unique and different from every day dishes.  They have so many different ones, in fact, it is hard to choose what to actually purchase.  We loved how they had a large table setting arranged so you can see how pieces look together.  
We found that this factory store offers spectacular prices for items that are quite popular throughout the United States.  They make products for Williams-Sonoma, Lenox, and Banana Republic, to name just a few.  Their products have even been featured in magazines like Oprah Winfrey's "O", Martha Stewart Weddings and Traditional Home.   
If you are able to make a trip to this store, I don't think you will be disappointed.  The gentleman helping us was extremely pleasant and helpful.  The store takes credit cards, but if you pay in cash you get a discount.  We were happy about this so a quick trip to the local ATM saved us some euro!  I hope if you are in the area that you check them out and let them know Mollykid Studios sent you.  

Happy shopping, friends!  xo~Mollykid

You can find La Ceramica VBC at:
CERAMICS VBC, Via Molini 45-36055, Nove (Vicenza) Italy  (Don't worry if your GPS doesn't get you there...just stay on the main street and look for a group of tall flags out front of a u-shaped building - Good Luck!)