Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Modern Magazine Debate

Sometime last year while I was just searching around the Internet for some creative ideas, I ran across several online magazines that caught my eye.  After peacefully perusing their colorful pages with the simple move of my finger, I had a realization that at that moment, I was contributing to a better environment.  I was doing my little part in helping to prevent the piles of paper waste that come from printed magazines.  Even better for me was that a few of the magazines I found were actually...are you ready???  They were free!  Imagine that... In a world where we pay for practically everything, you can get a couple hours of quality reading with interesting articles, fabulous graphics and all the joy of your favorite hobby right at your fingertips.  Let me just say, I am hooked.

So what do you think about the way modern technology is cutting in on our slow dance with a good ol' printed magazine?  For me, I still love both formats, but I must admit something.  Since hubby got me an iPad this past Christmas, I just love that I can access digital magazines whether by downloading and owning a "copy" or simply finding them online and reading from one of many awesome sites.  Did I mention how bold and colorful the digital pages appear on a screen or how cool it is that I can read in a dark car on a road trip?!  The opportunities are endless.
So how about the classic paper printed magazine?  You know, the one your mom {or is that only my mom?} has hundreds of.  It's a funny saying in my family that my mom and her older sister got the "magazine gene", as the middle sister jokes.  Yes, I think the gene can exist and the symptoms of having this gene include the desire to purchase, read {and re-read, again and again}, mark favorite pages with Post-it notes and store stacks, hey even shelves of magazines for decades.  I have seen first hand how this gene works and I pray it's not hereditary!  So far, so good for my sister and I; we aren't showing symptoms yet.  As for all those old magazines, mom always says style comes around again but I think it's best to say that those magazines from 1980 or 90-something have style many of us don't want to relive.

My mom knows I love her, despite her wacky gene, so I have to just acknowledge that though her old school Better Homes and Gardens and Victoria magazines from the 90's aren't really my taste, she has my approval on her Flea Market Style Magazine collection.  I think I read all of the print copies while on vacation relaxing poolside last summer.  Thanks and I love you, Mom!

So now comes the big question.  What do you prefer, paper or digital magazines?  I am quite sure you have all laid hands on the smooth pages of one of your favorites, but what about a digital magazine?  Whether you have or not, I have to share one of my favorite digital ones called Sweet Paul Magazine.  It's a smile on a gloomy day with all kinds of awesome like food, recipes, crafts, and style to name a few.  I love the creative, colorful photos and that the whole magazine seems to breathe a sunny vibe {maybe because its always gloomy here in Germany?...hmmm}, and I am pretty sure you will like it, too!!!  Be sure to check it out and let us know how you stand in the modern debate: print or digital magazines??  Happy reading!  Xo~Mollykid