Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ooh La La Bulletin Board

While I was rearranging my craft room a few weeks ago to accomodate my new antique hutch, I stumbled upon a nice 16x20 wooden frame I found at a flea market in Schweich, Germany several months ago.  It was a steal for only 2 euro, so I brought it home, along with dozens of other things, and gave it a mini-makeover.  A wipedown to clean her up and a quick once over with some fine sandpaper made her start to smile again.  I finished up with a coat of black satin spray paint and voila...She was ready for some artwork!

Needless to say, months went by while she waited patiently for me to find her an art mate, but low and behold, last week I was able to do even better.  She isn't simply a frame now, she is a working girl.  She can hold pictures, fabric samples and magazine pics, business cards and even sketches of my latest ideas.  I have always wanted a "pin board" that doesn't use pins or tacks, so I gathered a few simple items and here is the result...
If you look at this and think it's a complicated project, think again!  You can do it and have it match any room in your house; mine is already hanging in my sewing room.  As you may know, I love Paris and watercolors so the fabric was a perfect match to bring color to my happy place.  I was thinking though...this would be a cute idea for a kitchen to hold notes, schedules, pictures and even recipes and menu's for the week.  I am already adding another frame to my mental list of things to find at my next flea market stop!!

With this project I did take pictures of each stage so I will get a tutorial together soon to share with you.  I hope this week is treating you well wherever you are in the world.  Good night from snowy Germany. xo~Mollykid