Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love is in the Air

It's Valentine's Day and love is all around!  I spent some time preparing for the "men" in my life wonderful husband and our wonderful boys.  I love making gifts that are personal on days like this, not only is it fun, but it gives my loves something from my heart.  What do you think about hand made gifts?  Here are a couple of the ones I made this year...

"You light up my life" hanging bulb

"My Special Secret Note Pillow" with pocket on the back for special notes from Mom and Dad

Personalized kid's bookmarks with ribbon tassles and special "I love you" messages

What is Valentine's Day without some special treats?  This year our boys decided they wanted to make their own Valentine's for their friends and classmates and I was all for it!  I was actually excited to bring out my scrapbooking tools, papers and stamps to make this a fun time.  I must say, I have been more focused on sewing lately so my scrapbooking supplies have gotten a little lonely in that big closet.  After a few hours of work, a break for a Thai food dinner, and then some clean-up, the kids were ready for their Valentine treat deliveries today. 

I must admit, I wasn't too keen on baking enough treats for three different classrooms so when I found a Wilton chocolate covered cookie mold at the craft store, I was so relieved!  I stocked up on Oreo's, red and white chocolate meltables {also from Wilton} and easily made almost 60 red and white chocolate covered Oreo's while the kids worked on their cards.  If you are a mom, might I recommend this idea as it was easy and I was even able to help the kids in between batches {see picture above}.  The boys were happy they had something special to bring for friends, too!

What kind of special plans do you have for Valentine's this year?  I hope you have a wonderful day; I will be wishing you lot's of love.  xo~Mollykid