Sunday, February 24, 2013

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Enjoying a relaxing Sunday morning looking around on Pinterest for a little bit before I have to get started with my Sunday cleaning routine. Did I mention Mollykid is on Pinterest?! I don't think I have since I am somewhat of a stop by and follow us @

Though I would love to wake up and do nothing but sew, paint, and create... I have this sick obsession to make sure my house is tidy and clean before I get fun time. So I think today I am going to put on my headphones, turn on some jams and put my cleaning routine in high gear so I am done quickly! Wish me luck, I think the bathrooms are first after I get the washer going. I dislike bathrooms immensely, and would love nothing more than a self cleaning one that is somewhat like a dishwasher. You simply would remove anything you don't want to get wet, (cabinets would be watertight), close the door, insert a cleaning tab, power and walk away! Voila! When you return you have a sanitized masterpiece. 

Enough dreaming, Molly! Snap out of it and get to it; valuable creative time is being wasted. What chores keep you from pursuing your hobbies today? Xo~Mollykid