Thursday, February 7, 2013

Brightening Your Day

Even though we are covered in snow here in Germany, tulips are already blooming {in the Netherlands} and available at our local markets!  I had to pick some up yesterday to brighten my scene and put a little smile on my face.  In addition to the flowers, I pulled out my favorite vase from a favorite city.  You can't see it too clearly but it's a heavy crystal beauty and the best part?  It was only 1 euro (about $1.40) in a fabulous tiny antique store on our first trip to Paris!  I was thrilled to find this and made a vow then that instead of buying some corny souvenir when we visit these fabulous cities, I would instead find a vintage treasure or some awesome fabric I can make something special with.   

This beautiful color reminds me we are nearing Spring, which is only a short hop from Summer.  I have been longing to see the sun so I am happy to see these small, yet positive signs it is near.

What kind of things do you do inside your space to brighten your day when it's gloomy outside? xo~Mollykid