Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Amazing Amsterdam

Hello Friends,
I have been away from my computer more than usual for the past few days, but for good reason!  I was spending some much anticipated time with my family in Amseterdam, The Netherlands.  Let me begin by saying...if I were to live long-term in Europe, The Netherlands would be my country of choice.  I love the clean and simple, yet friendly and convienent life the people there seem to live.  I picked up some information and read that UNICEF studies show children in The Netherlands to be the happiest in the world!  There is something to be said about that.  I love that everyone has bikes and bikes are welcome fact, there are parking "garages" dedicated specifically to bikes.  And seriously, I mean thousands of them!  We even saw a gentleman checking "parking" passes and giving tickets to those out of regulation.

The sun was shining for a couple days and it made the reflection in the canal waters so beautiful.  Like most trips we have taken, my camera never left my neck to be stowed away.  I had it at the ready for every time I saw an awesome sign, an unforgetable view or something unique that we just don't see every day.  We saw evidence of history everywhere, to include our visits to the Anne Frank House and the Vincent Van Gogh exhibit at the Hermitage Amsterdam.  I could hardly walk away from the many beautiful paintings from one of my all time favorite artists.  I only wish I could have taken pictures in these fantastic places, unfortunately photos were prohibited.  Luckily outdoors there are no restrictions on pictures!  These canals are simply beautiful, don't you think?

I felt one of the best parts of our trip this weekend was simply walking along the canals in the evening when it got dark.  Upon each turn of a corner, bridges and canals were gently lit and it made me want to keep snapping photos.  I have always had a small love affair with black and white photography and can't wait to blow some of these prints up for my new home decor.

I figured no article about Holland would be complete without a mention of the beautiful flowers that will begin blooming all over soon!  For now, they are growing in greenhouses mostly, but in the Amsterdam Bloemenmarkt flowers are all around.  Every kind of bulb you could ever want is here, in every color under the sun.  Did you know there are actually black tulips?  And ones that appear to have feathery hairs on them?  Here is where you will find whatever you need for your own little Holland in your back yard.  I hope if you ever have a chance to visit this wonderful city that you don't pass up the opportunity!  You won't regret it.  Oh, and if you need a hotel recommendation, simply contact me!  We stayed near the train station, never had to drive on those narrow roads, find parking or even risk getting towed.  
Until tomorrow...what will you do today to feed your creativity?  xo~Mollykid